Premier League captain’s heartwarming gesture

Jamaal Lascelles is the skipper of Newcastle United and at 23-years-old he is also the youngest club captain in the English Premier League.

Despite being out with an injury he picked up against Bournemouth on November 4, he was very quick to rush to the aid of an injured former serviceman outside a Newcastle restaurant on Saturday.

The incident happened outside of the Hanahana restaurant in the city centre on Saturday night, an anonymous facebook user told The former marine was pushing himself down a cobbled street when one of his wheels got stuck and he fell out.


The Newcastle skipper was quick to rush to the aid of the gentlemen as he helped him up into his wheelchair before pushing him into the restaurant.

Then he bought the man a few drinks and gave him his gloves to help deal with the cold winter nights in the North East.

The Facebook user then said that after his attempts to get the mans wheelchair into his car failed, he called and paid for a taxi to help him get home.

What a brilliant gesture from a truly lovely guy. Jamaal Lascelles you are a role model to all.


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